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Our Portfolio

Some of the books prepared by The Wordsmithy include:


My Lost World by Sara L. Rosen (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2012)

A Childhood  Lost and a Life Found by Maryla Korn (Wordsmithy, 2012)

On Swallows’ Wings by Agnes Adler (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2011)

A Candle in the Heart by Judith Kallman (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2011)*

Living A Life That Matters: From Nazi Nightmare to American Dream by Ben Lesser (Zachor, 2011)

Going Forward (Revised edition) by Peska Friedman (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2010)*

Going Forward (in Yiddish) by Peska Friedman (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2010)*

Prisoner of Memory by Sara Rosen (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2010)*

A Vow Fulfilled by Fran Laufer (Jerusalem: Targum, 2009)

Rather Die Fighting by Frank Bleichman (NY: Arcade, 2009)

The Hands of Time by Herbert Herschel Tuchman (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2008)*

Becoming Edith by Edith M. Cord (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2008)*

A Simple Girl by Josh Flagg (LA: Flagg, 2008)*

Symphony on Fire by Sonia Beker (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2008)*

Memoirs of an Unfortunate Person: The Diary of Moty Stromer by Moty Stromer (Jerusalem: Random House Holocaust Survivors Memoirs Project, 2008)

If Not Now, When by Mel & Sherry Gold (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2007)*

I Was But A Child by Flora M. Singer (Jerusalem: Random House Holocaust Survivors Memoirs Project, 2007)

My Life, My Way by Eta Wrobel with Jeanette Friedman (NJ: Wordsmithy/YIVO, 2006)*

Courage Was My Only Option by Roman Kent (MD: Rowan & Littlefield, 2006)

My Dog Lala by Roman Kent (MI: Teacher’s Discovery, 2006)

Send My Skivvies to Mother by Yona Rosenfeld (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2005)*

They Are Still Alive by Philip Pressel (Pittsburgh: Dorrance Publishing, 2005)

The Emperor of Ice Cream by Rose Vesel Mattus with Jeanette Friedman (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2004)*

Journey Through the Inferno by Adam Boren (DC: Random House Holocaust Survivors Memoirs Project, 2004)

Legacy and Redemption by Joseph H. Tenenbaum (DC: Random House Holocaust Survivors Memoirs Project, 2004)

Teach Us to Count Our Days by Nathan Katz (NY: Cornwall, 1998)

Justice is Blonde by Lee First (NY: Bookmasters, 1994)

Promises to Keep by Ernest W. Michel (NY: Barricade Books, 1993)


Why Should I Care? Lessons from the Holocaust by Jeanette Friedman & David Gold (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2009)*

Murder Most Merciful by Sigi Ziering, ed. by Michael Berenbaum (CA: Sigi Ziering Institute, 2005)


Goldberg Commission Report ed. by Seymour Maxwell Finger (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2009)*

Battling for Souls by Alex Grobman (NJ: KTAV, 2004)*

Hero of the Holocaust:Solomon Schonfeld by David Kranzler (NJ: KTAV, 2003)

Shared Dreams: Martin Luther King and the Jewish Community by Rabbi Marc Schneier (VT: Lighthouse, 1999)

Living UJA History by Irving Bernstein (Phila: JTS, 1997)


Judaism for Everyone…Without Dogma by Bernardo Sorj (Int’l Fed. for Secular & Humanistic Judaism, 2010)

Upon Thy Doorposts by Dr. Belle Rosenbaum (NJ: Rosenbaum, 2002)


“Norms of War in the Jewish Tradition” in World Religions and Norms of War by Jack Bemporad (UN Press, 2009)

The Inner Journey: Views from the Jewish Tradition ed. by Jack Bemporad (Sands Point, IN: Parabola, 2007)


Soulutions by Luane Pennesi (NJ: Wordsmithy, 2008)

Good Times Guide to NYC by Jeanette Friedman (NY: Broadway Books, 1989)

New York Nights by Jeanette Friedman (NY: Harper Collins, 1987)

Rock Hudson: Story of a Giant by Jeanette Friedman (NJ: Edrei Communications, 1986)

Miami Vice Scrapbook by Jeanette Friedman (NJ: Sharon Publications, 1986)

New York’s Best Places by David Yeadon (NY: Free City Books, 1985)


A Handbook for Inventors by Cal McCracken (NY: Scribner’s, 1984)

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